Ever dreamed of being the proprietor of your own business in Costa Rica? There is a demand throughout the country for affordable books in English, Spanish and for the large European market here. Jaime Peligro has been a successful book store in Playa Tamarindo for eight years. Last year we launched the cooperative bookstores idea, offering and selling two independently owned bookstore memberships. This year we are offering our second tier of two and only two new co-op memberships. If you are considering starting a business in Costa Rica, think about the advantages of using our resources to help you get started and provide continuing support. From a personal perspective, the experience of owning a bookshop in Costa Rica has been irreplaceable; almost daily we have customers tell us how wonderful it is to finally find a bookshop. You too could provide a timeless and highly valued service to people in Costa Rica and we hope that you will consider joining the team.

Start-up fee has been kept to a minimum specifically to enhance group success. There are no subsequent costs (i.e., percent of monthly gross), just the one-time entry fee of $7500. We did not open these shops to make a fortune; we did it to start new and different lives in a great place. The real reward comes with becoming a part of a community here, living near the equator with Latinos and ex-pats and meeting people from all over the globe.

If you are still interested, please respond to this ad and we can provide an abundance of details about what we provide and the advantages of becoming a part of the Jaime Peligro group.

For more information, please contact Jim at:

Bookstore Franchise